project 10

  • IMG_20151221_150039

At first I didn’t know we were using complementary colors so I used brown and gold colors. But then I started using orange,blue, purple(violets) colors.

I created depth with the colors by the amount of times I used them.

I’m not really sure how I used depth in color intensity.

my successful aspects.are that its a finished product and it looks like my face. My unsuccessful aspects are that I should have taken the photo better.




project 5


My drawing ┬áhas a visual flow through out the entire picture plane. Line elements are used to lead your eyes around the work. i have established a directional dominance. the directional conflict in this photos are the lines going the opposite direction from the lines in the corner. i think my artwork includes a full value range but I’m not sure. The successful aspects of my design is that it came out ok . The unsuccessful aspects of my work is that its too simple.